Time marches on and circumstances sometimes limit my ability to get more frequent updates out—but the Kingdom of Heaven marches on also! Praise His name!


  • Yes, Abe and Vera were pressed to their limits this month with all the meetings and all the follow up. But they both found their ways to victory even in the stresses! So important! They set the tone for the workshops and the people who come. And these people are already tired and burdened. So they need to see the path of victory in their leaders.

  • At the last workshop Abe called me in the morning and said that 25 people had been led to the Lord in the past 3 weeks. By the time he returned home the next day all of the statistics had come in and 62 people had been saved! There were 81 people in attendance at the workshop! This is all personal evangelism. Not altar calls or street services but talking to individuals and asking for a commitment.

  • The most recent event was this past Tuesday when Abe again had a meeting with leaders, chairmen of committees in the Baptist Union. He was feeling uncertain about his contribution but went ahead and shared as the Spirit had led, and the response was overwhelming. People are just ready! It is like after two years of war, stripped of hope, surrounded by suffering, they have opened their hearts and minds to God’s Spirit and are full of fire! They are ready for action! And as you know, Abe is certainly a man of action!

  • So much ministry goes on. In the midst of so much hurt. Just a few pictures:

Seeker Bible studies:




Children’s ministries:


Even designing t-shirts with the theme: God is with me!


5 teenagers got saved in this youth group! (This month!)


And a last picture we leave with you: baptism. The goal—new citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven!




  • Do continue to hold Vera up in prayer. One of her brothers died this week. A sister-in-law died earlier this month. These things lay heavy on her heart and she does not have the option to go and participate. All of her family is in Crimea. And so, she grieves alone. Pray for her comfort.

  • April will again be very busy with the first workshop Apr 2-3. In all Abe will have five meetings in April which means he will be a lot on the road even though they are only in Kyiv. It is a 4-5 hour drive one way depending on road conditions. And then the preparation for it all. He can only do so much in the strength of the Lord, and your prayers contribute to that. So—pray on!

Easter will soon be here. Our church here has been doing a series gearing up to Easter, but one sermon was so impactful to me. The pastor went through several scriptures where Jesus was telling His disciples about the suffering ahead (which they did not comprehend) but He always ended with “and after three days be raised again” which the disciples were totally baffled by. But…how great the Hope of Easter, especially in a country that has been suffering war for 2 years. The battle on the front is very intense, relentless. They are training men for only 2 or 3 weeks and sending them off to the heat of the battle. But there are good solid believers among those soldiers who are sharing the Good News. There is a fresh influx of refugees from the east as the danger increases. Dan and Priscilla and their church are trying to provide for some of them. And in the midst of war their church is growing. People are finding Christ. It isn’t about death because—there is Resurrection! In the suffering, in the fear, there is Hope. We have a Risen Lord. He is not dead!!