• I (Diane) decided to go in for a medical check last week to Kyiv as resources are better there. I ended up being there the whole week! Saw several specialists and spent an overnight in a cardiac hospital for testing. The overall report is that I have excellent health. Yeah, a bit wear and tear from the years rolling by, but everything important is functioning well. Does not answer why I have been lacking energy the past few months, but, I can live with that knowing that there are no pending issues! Praise the Lord!

I just love the testimonies we have coming in from the level one workshop which is focused on especially on evangelism at this point, which means contacting people on the street.

  • Michael: On Friday, my wife forgot her wallet in the store, on Saturday they called that they had found it and wanted to return it. When I met the saleswoman, I thanked her by giving her candy and told her that we were Christians. We went to the car, but I felt that I had not done everything. So I took the Prayer Pamphlet and went back to the store. I briefly gave my testimony: how God healed me from cerebral palsy as a child. That is why I am serving Him now. She started to cry. It turned out that her child, Anna-Maria, is not developing well.

Taking her hand, I prayed to Jesus, thanked him for making me an example of Righteousness! And this reveals why the story with the wallet happened! I prayed for Anna-Maria, for her life and development, for mother Kateryna! May the Lord show His mercy to them, as He showed to me! Amen!

PS: Please pray that the glory of the Lord will fill their hearts! That they accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! Amen.

  • Anna: I want to share a testimony: It so happened that this time I was going back home by train from the workshop. My lady beside me was Natalya, a woman who was going to Germany to earn money. She needed medicine (I had just such) - and I shared it. Then I testified to her, she listened very attentively, and kept repeating that she could not believe that she met a person on the way who told about God🙏 And I kept thanking God for giving me such an opportunity - to share the Gospel with one more person... At the end, I prayed (placing my hand on her), she was very happy about it, asked me to send her a link to the online Gospel, so that she could listen to the Word of God, there, in Germany🙏

We continue our correspondence 😌

  • Vacil: Returning from the session on the train, God sent a girl Tanya whom we told about Jesus Christ using John 3:16. We testified what the Lord has done for each of us. Upon arrival, our car was nearby, and we offered to take her home. When we brought her home, my wife offered to pray and the girl agreed. And they prayed peacefully. We trust God. We thank God for everything. Amen.

  • Many more testimonies and pictures people send of their ministries. What rejoices our hearts the most is how excited these people are about learning practical steps in connecting with people and leading them into the presence of Jesus. The spiritual need is so great. How will they hear? Thank you, Lord for these people who are “going”.


  • March is another heavy month. Abe has workshops the next two weeks (March 5&6, 12&13) and on the third week he has to go into Kyiv again for a leadership meeting (March 19). I have asked many times for prayer for safe travels and for wisdom and strength. Do pray for those things.

  • But please hold Abe and Vera up very faithfully to the Lord. This task is huge. There are many people to minister to. Many people to counsel. Then praying and figuring out where extra help is needed. It is just on and on. Both of them are feeling drug out with the load. This schedule will go on until June so there are several months ahead. Pray that they both, in their individual ways, will find how to walk strongly through this time. That they would feel the Lord truly undergirding them. That they would receive fresh insights from the Lord. And that at the end of each day they would be able to lay the burden down, knowing that God is sufficient. I know for Abe the burden lays so heavily on his heart about people being lost and not having heard the Gospel. A burden we should all have. But he dreams about it even.

  • They are soldiers on the frontlines—but the frontlines of heavenly battles. And you could say that Abe and Vera are “generals” leading the troops forward. Ukraine is falling back from their frontlines because they are lacking ammunition, among other things. In the Kingdom of God we need to press forward and gain territory for our Mighty King! And He is all-powerful! Pray that He would release His power in Ukraine.