PRAISE in pictures taken from all the ministry that is happening across the country.

Explaining the Gospel in a nursing home—both mother and daughter received Christ.



Bible study held weekly in a correctional institute.



Outdoor Bible studies already!



Needy children receiving love at a Center of Hope (the blue and yellow sign in the background reads “Welcome to the Center of Hope)



Children learning to read and study the Bible!



And seekers Bible studies. Finding out the Bible speaks now, to them.



Young and old—studying the Bible. Men and women—studying the Bible. Girls and boys—studying the Bible.

The Words of Life!

Just a small taste of some of the ministry going on!


Pray for more Centers of Hope to open. They are opening in different forms and ways, but the key is to reach out into the community—not to sit in a church building and wait!


Another sign is going up for a Center of Hope. Praise the Lord!

Pray for Abe and Vera. This week is very intense with two workshops back to back starting tonight (Monday) and finishing up Friday afternoon. Casting vision. Casting vision. Pray they will catch it!

And here is a letter:

The Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches of Ukraine makes efforts to protect Ukraine by appealing to the Speaker of the US Congress Mike Johnson and members of the House of Representatives.

 "On behalf of the Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches, which represents more than 8,000 churches and reaches nearly 2 million believers, we ask for your action and prayer," the letter to Speaker Johnson said.

The letter was signed by the heads of 15 Protestant denominations of Ukraine.

"As you know, on the night of April 10-11, another brutal Russian missile attack on Ukraine took place, a number of regions were attacked, and one of Ukraine's largest power plants was completely destroyed. In addition, there was another merciless attack on the outskirts of Odessa, in addition to drones, 9 Iskander ballistic missiles were launched. As a result of rocket fire in Odesa, 5 civilians died, among them another minister of the Protestant church, Vitaly Taranenko, who became another victim of Russian terrorism.

We call on our brother in faith, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, as well as all Christian congressmen to protect Ukrainian churches and our entire people from genocide. We ask you to vote for the allocation of an aid package for Ukraine and extend to us now the hand of support that we so need. Nowadays, every day of delay brings new and new victims, our churches are destroyed, believers and ministers are killed and tortured, every day of delay hits the churches," explains Anatoliy Kozachok, the acting Chairman of the Council.

(The attack on the power plant that is referred to, and that was totally destroyed, is not far from Dan and Priscilla.)

Pray that Ukraine can continue to be a country with religious freedom. I understand right now that an aid bill has passed the House and will move on to the Senate and the President. And you can pray for that passing if you feel led. But the issue that has been from the beginning is that this is a spiritual battle. Russia is an oppressive country. Whether more money and more weapons help—I do not know. But on the basis of an issue of spiritual freedom—yes, every Christian needs to do what they can regardless of what country they live in. And from my perspective nothing will happen unless God does it. And thus—we pray on! If you feel helpless—do not. We serve a Mighty God with the power to change the events in the world. And our part is to ask.