Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Col 4:2

Thankfulness is part of our prayer lives. And it must be! Otherwise, we would become discouraged.


This image which I have used often to show unity in prayer has new meaning to me right now. A friend last week was talking to her friends in Hong Kong! 😊 And the pastor there wanted her to pass on the message to us that their church prays for Ukraine every Monday! How beautiful is that! The world united in prayer.


~Dan and Priscilla and Ellie returned home from Australia arriving home safely Saturday evening. Good to have them back in the country again!

~I did make progress on the counseling materials. No, not the progress I had hoped! LOL. But the Lord knows all of that. I am extending this focus through Wednesday, pushing aside other issues until then. But I have made some decisions that will help us move forward—and—the rest is still in God’s hands!!!

~We get ongoing reports from different Centers of Hope. Baptsims, outreaches, beginning a few community projects, Bible studies.

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Yes, pray for these Center of Hope leaders, that they will have wisdom, focus and joy in the Lord as they reach out in different ways.

And pray for the people whose lives they are touching, that there will be a wholehearted response to a loving Savior who is waiting to gather them up in His arms.

Pray for Abe as he leads another workshop Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, always wisdom, ability to communicate the principles people need, and that he would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He is concerned because many of the people are doing good things…but they have little concept of planning or even of what they hope to accomplish ultimately. Right now yes. But the future of actually having a functioning body of Christ in their community. Well, that’s why we have training!

And pray for Priscilla and Ellie as they are on the way to Poland to get Ellie a new visa! They had hoped to accomplish that in Moldova but it was not possible, so…many, many more hours on a bus. Pray that the consulate in Poland will be able to expedite the process so that they can return home yet this week. (The issue is that Ellie turned 18 in January so she can no longer be here on her parents’ visa.) Mmm, yes, remind me why not everyone is a missionary!