Thank you always for your prayers for the workshop. All went well. Some people absent because of circumstances but still a good attendance. A good spirit. Most of them are beginning to understand about having a budget and accountability! All part of the training. Praise God for these people who love the Lord and are trying to serve Him.

Ellie got her visa! It actually went as smoothly as could possibly be hoped for! They showed up early in the morning, waited in line, submitted her documents, and in the same afternoon they were able to pick it up—at a price of course to expedite! But there were some concerns because they were unable to book an appointment and because one of Ellie’s documents wasn’t 100% correct. So—hallelujah! And some of you might enjoy a little clip Cheryl did—from our house. She went with Priscilla and Ellie to Poland and, bless their hearts, they stopped in for a few hours visit on their return! THAT was an extra bonus for us!


Vera has made a few trips to some towns near Chernobyl, all of which were extremely hard hit in the early months of the war. She was invited by a couple who have been going there regularly, and there was a whole team including doctors to minister to these people. Vera was assigned to give spiritual help to people along with 3 men, with the obvious being that she would deal with the women. However, after a few times the leader sent all of the people to her. She met with 21 people last Friday and led 4 of them to the Lord with a firm decision for Christ using John 3:16. A few of you may have heard Abe use that in a church presentation when we were visiting last year. It is so simple. But it communicates to the heart of people. Praise God for her willingness to go to these places and bring the Good News.



  • Nikolai, Maria’s husband, is still in Germany. They are trying to process documents so he can get insurance and be treated there. Please pray that the documents would come through and that he would be accepted for treatment. Health care in Germany is a few steps up from Ukraine!

  • Unfortunately we never did receive the books which were mailed in February. Only the Lord knows where they are! And it would be so beautiful if He would guard them and bring them to us eventually! Nor did we receive the Social Security statements we need for filing income tax. Pray for these issues.

  • I decided to just copy a note Priscilla sent out this morning about Ukraine:

Today is the “victory day” celebration in Russia that began after World War II. (A lot of countries pause on May 8 as a day to remember those who suffered and died for freedom during the second world war, but the Soviet union celebrated it on May 9, and Russia still does.)

Everyone has been holding their breath because there’s supposed to be a large counteroffensive by Ukraine at some point (possibly today because Russia and Putin value the victory day celebrations a lot). Last night, I turned my thoughts away from that, simply because there have been other concerns about major attacks, which did not eventuate.

All of the fighting and the increased air raids and drone attacks of the last five days are enough destruction. I dread the huge loss of life on both sides that will surely come when the counteroffensive begins. But knowing that people will die and be wounded guides my prayers.

The suffering is happening and will continue-it appears for the next while. So we can pray specifically. I’m thankful for your prayers and so are the people of Ukraine, who understand that the people of God care about one another no matter where we are in the world.

Yes, we lift up all these needs to our faithful God who hears, who cares. Whether it is the little things or the big things. (Books are little—wars are big)