Abe was so excited when he came home and said that they had an excellent workshop. He might have said that before. 😊 What does it mean? Well, this time he felt everyone was really engaged and that there was a real family atmosphere. This lines up with the goals he has as they go along. Vera seconded him on the “excellent”. Thank you for praying!

A 14-year old son of one of the leaders got saved during the workshop! Praise God! And there were reports of many being saved since the last meeting. It is why we do what we do—expanding the Kingdom of Heaven here in Ukraine!

I think!!! that my books may have arrived here in our city. At least, a neighbor said that we have a package but the postal lady thought we weren’t at home. So…I’m waiting in great anticipation for follow up on that!

We have a new worker, Lilia, who went to the workshop this time to help, but she was also very keen to attend because she has 3 groups of refugees that she is working with here and she really wants to help them to make that step into the Kingdom. Lilia worked for us many years ago in editing and is doing so again along with some other things. We are blessed to have her along with our excellent team!

Fruit for Christ



  • Maria is one of those on our team. She has worked with us for…24 years? A LONG time. And she is very good at what she does. Right now they have a medical crisis in their family. Her husband Nikolai has gone to Germany yesterday for testing at the recommendation of doctors here. He is diagnosed with bladder cancer, curable possibly if it has not spread. Nikolai is 67, a retired pastor, a faithful man. He has been sharing the care of his 93-year old father these past weeks. Pray that the doctors would come up with a clear picture of what stage it is in, that there would be treatment, and healing. Probably best case scenario, especially at this time in Ukraine, is that he stay there for treatment. It is a stressful time for the family as you can imagine, even though all of them are firm believers. Pray for their comfort and peace, and especially for Maria in a stressful time.


  • Continue to pray, always I could say, that the Lord will call more people to lead Centers of Hope. Abe thinks there is a potential right now of another five leaders for new Centers.

  • Pray for Abe’s interpreter, Andrei. He lives in an area very close to the Russian border. When he is not at the workshops (beside pastoral duties) he is reaching out to families of soldiers. Right now he has contact with 7 women whose husbands have died, plus other wives whose husbands are fighting. He brings physical/material aid but he also wants to bring them spiritual hope. He also goes to soldiers on the front with aid and to encourage them. Yes, it can be dangerous. The day after he was with one group they were hit by all kinds of grenades, drones, missiles—and yet, no one was killed. He will be getting a bullet-proof vest. One of many good people doing everything they can for Ukraine—and for their Lord. Pray for his protection, for people to respond to the Lord through him, and pray for the many like him who are volunteering and doing all they can—for Ukraine, for the people they love.



This is a truth that I have based my prayer life on in the past couple of decades.

I always aim to start my prayers, or prayer time, with praise.

What a difference it makes in my attitude! It is the best way to turn my thoughts to God and His power and might and glory. And then the difficulties shrink in the face of our Almighty God. No, they don’t go away, but then--my focus is on the Solution, not on the problem. Always a good place!

Praise the Lord, O my soul!!

(Ps. 103:1)