1. Assistance to families with husbands and children at war

There are over 27,000 villages in Ukraine. During the war, every settlement falls into one of two categories: some were destroyed/occupied/shelled, and the others are waiting for their defenders to come back to their homes. There are from 100 to 200 Ukrainian soldiers dying daily.

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On June 8, 2022 brothers from the Baptist Union of Ukraine visited one of the villages in Volyn, whose husbands and children are at war, to provide aid to needy families. 39 families received assistance, including food, clothing, and some necessities.

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There are some families in the village whose father with his sons are serving in the army at the same time. Some families sent several of their sons to the war.

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In this village we found out that many of their husbands and sons are serving on the border with Kherson region – in Mykolaiv, Bakhmut, Slovjansk… One family got the news that their son got missing in Lyman (Donetsk region).

The level of social support for these families is extremely low. We hope the Baptist Union will be able to provide such aid to other villages as well because there are many families in need whose husbands and children are protecting the country from Russian invaders.

2. New wells on the territories of three churches of Mykolaiv open new doors for the Gospel.

The city is under constant fire from the Russian invaders. Unfortunately, the tap water in the city is extremely poor quality. It's not suitable even for dishwashing. So the Church has the great opportunity to minister to people with quality water from wells.

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Victor Zolyn, the regional pastor of Mykolaiv region tells about wells drilling on the territory of three churches ("Reconciliation with God", "Church of Jesus Christ", and "The source of life") of Mykolaiv, and putting those wells into operation.

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Volodymyr Shemchyshyn (Assistant of the Baptist Union's President) and brothers from the Odessa region have visited the Mykolaiv and local churches of the Mykolaiv region to support the local churches and their ministers. They were brought some food aid and became a fraternal encouragement which is so valuable today in times of danger and high risks.

3. Military hospital and teenagers. What might they have in common?

The "Refresh-teens" youth club has existed at the Lutsk Bible Church for three years now. The motto adapted as the leading principle for the ministry by Alyona Yukhimchuk and the team of the club's organizers is: "If you don't teach teenagers to minister, you will have to entertain them all the time."

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"So," – says Alona, – "every meeting that gathers 15-20 teenagers, we dedicate to ministering others outside of the club.

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The war provided another area for the ministry - to the wounded Ukrainian soldiers. We bought tea, cookies, hygiene items, and socks. Thus we formed 111 such packages. We took them to the Lutsk garrison military hospital to distribute to our wounded soldiers.

4. Practical aid becomes a great opportunity to point people to an incredibly good God

The war is not yet over, but the Russian aggression already results in numerous Ukrainians becoming homeless. And, of course, not everyone has the funds to rebuild their homes.

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Caring evangelical Christians from Manchester city (USA) became aware of the problems these people have and decided to minister to them. Having the idea and the necessary funds, they could not implement it alone because they located overseas.

The brothers from the Transfiguration Church of Rivne became their "extended hands".

They have already restored many houses.

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"I'm amazed people can be like that: so sensitive, so kind," – says Nadiya, a resident of Andriyivka (Kyiv region). Brothers were restoring her house, barn, and garage.

5. Baptismal services are held in dozens of churches

13 people were baptized in the Transfiguration Church of Kyiv recently. Many other Ukrainian churches had also held baptismal meetings: in Lviv, Ternopil, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Irpin, and others.

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After pastoral guidance and people’s testimonies of their way to the Lord, the churches executed the commandment of Jesus.

6. Today, the society is slowly changing its mind about the church.

People are beginning to see more and more that Christians are not freaks united by a certain fanatical idea, but it is truly people who put on practice the things they teach.

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There was a number of training courses on first aid held in Rivne within these three months. One of such training was held at the First Rivne Church recently. About 20 people got their first aid certificates. One lady covered about 500 km specifically to gain some skills in this field.

It is worth to note that people studying on those courses are far from the medical field, but they want to be useful for the society by their ability to provide the necessary assistance in military conditions or at general emergencies.

7. Russians continue to destroy church buildings

The war continues to kill, injure and destroy the lives of people of Ukraine. Adults and children, rich and poor, believers and non-believers – all fall under the senseless millstone of the war.

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Church building of a small Baptist church in Soninke village (Donetsk region) came under Russian army's fire.

Also, a devastating bombing raid damaged a Baptist church in Druzhkivka in June.

We pray for a miracle - for God to give us a victory over extensively bigger, more insidious, and cynical enemy.

8. In occupied territories of the Kherson region that are now closed by Russians for entry and exit humanitarian crisis intensifies

The regional pastor of the Kherson region says he can visit the liberated part of the Kherson region. Brothers, who minister here, bring people food, presents, and aid.

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And in the Russian-occupied territories, due to a lack of food, medicine, unstable communication, lack of social benefits, and so on, a humanitarian catastrophe is coming. The civilian population is terrorized and often deprived of the opportunity to leave for the Ukrainian authorities' controlled territories.

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